B2Broker Launches B2Prop – a Brand-New Prop Trading Turnkey Solution


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Proprietary trading, or “prop trading,” is quickly becoming a famous trend in financial markets. Therefore, to accommodate the growing demand for prop trading among traders and the need for specialised software solutions among brokers, B2Broker introduced B2Prop—a powerful, comprehensive turnkey solution that helps businesses develop and grow their proprietary trading firms from the ground up.

Exploring B2Prop – Prop Trading Solution

B2Prop is a sophisticated, challenge-based solution for various business types—prop trading firms, crypto and FX brokers, and multi-asset brokerage houses—to expand their portfolio and reach new markets.

Developed with brokers’ and their users’ needs in mind, B2Prop enables businesses to create customised trading challenges with specific metrics like profit targets, risk limits, and performance benchmarks. These multi-step challenges support multiple currencies without extra fees based on the number of challenges, accounts, or steps.

Successful traders gain access to funded accounts with profit-sharing models, which allows them to retain 70-80% of their trading profits. B2Prop integrates with industry-leading trading software like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader, with plans to add B2Trader, TradeLocker, and more. The solution provides powerful dashboards for tracking trader metrics from registration to funded accounts, ensuring effectiveness and alignment with unique business requirements.

Facilitating Multiple Revenue Stream Generation

B2Prop offers businesses multiple revenue channels.

Trading Challenge Fees—Businesses earn by charging participation fees for proprietary trading challenges. Traders can attempt challenges multiple times, increasing company income.

Profit Sharing—Successful traders gain access to funded accounts. The broker determines the capital and retains 20% to 50% of profits generated by traders.

Customised Trading Conditions—Companies can adjust trading conditions, such as higher commissions, reducing payouts while benefiting from the profit difference.

Copying Successful Strategies—Integrated with B2Broker’s B2Copy, B2Prop allows companies to copy successful traders’ strategies, earning extra income without paying those traders.

B2Prop Turnkey Package: Offering Everything a Prop Firm Needs

The B2Prop package from B2Broker is a comprehensive solution for businesses to establish a successful prop trading firm.

The core of the solution is B2Core CRM, where new traders sign up, purchase prop trading challenges, track their performance, and issue payments. Moreover, it supports growth with integrations for payment providers, KYC tools, introducing broker platforms, and more.

The package also includes the white-label cTrader platform, customised specifically for prop trading brokers. It combines cTrader’s advanced features and functionalities with a cost-effective business deployment model. Also, B2Prop can be integrated with MT4 and MT5 trading software if the business has the licence.

B2Prop’s turnkey package includes B2BinPay, B2Broker’s blockchain and crypto platform. B2BinPay processes crypto payments and enables users to credit their accounts using different coins and stablecoins across 8 blockchains. With their accounts funded, clients can then buy trading challenges. This personalised experience can attract more traders.

B2Copy is another key element of the package. This copy trading solution from B2Broker enables firms to mirror successfully funded traders’ strategies directly into their accounts, generating extra profits without paying those traders.

The B2Prop turnkey package offers three transparent monthly pricing plans:

Managing Challenges in B2Prop via B2Core

B2Broker has integrated the B2Core platform into B2Prop. Admins can access the Prop Trading area under the Investment Platform menu in the admin panel. This section contains the Challenges List page, where admins can create and manage new and existing prop trading challenges.

When creating a new prop trading challenge, administrators must name and describe the challenge, add a picture, and set parameters such as plans, steps, account settings, performance metrics (trading days, loss limits, profit targets), fee amount and currency, trading account amount, and currency. Admins can set disqualification rules for breaching daily loss limits.

Once challenges are ready, admins can monitor participants’ progress in the admin panel, tracking all active and past accounts with their status (started, successful, or failed). Successful participants can have funded accounts created.

On the front end, traders can view available challenges, see pictures and key metrics, join with one click, and pay the entry fee from their wallet. They can track metrics like equity, drawdown, and trade numbers and generate daily trading summaries with P&L and volume details.

Traders receive email notifications upon completing a challenge, with details about their prop trading account. They can also review past challenges, results, and trading data for each account.

Levelling The Turnkey Solution Game Up!

The introduction of B2Prop is a testimonial to B2Broker’s dedication to providing innovative tech and liquidity solutions that brokers need. It solidifies the company’s role in the ready-to-use solutions industry.

The new B2Prop turnkey solution is an excellent way to create a successful prop trading firm, manage challenges and explore various revenue streams.

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