Bitfinex Updates Mobile App with New Features and Optimisations


Bitfinex Releases Version 6.19.0 of Its Mobile App

According to a recent blog post on Bitfinex’s official website, the well-known cryptocurrency exchange has released a new update for its mobile application. Version 6.19.0 introduces a range of enhancements and new features designed to improve the user experience.

Key Features and Improvements

The update includes a new welcome tour guide, a redesigned PIN screen, and additional token icons for MODE, NOT, and APT. The exchange also updated OPX-ETH, ARB-ETH, and MODE-ETH to the ETH icon in the deposit and address book, along with increasing the recurring order history limit and updating translations.


In addition to improvements, Bitfinex also addressed several issues in the updated app. These fixes include resolving the problem of the customer support screen webview not opening, correcting the wrong recurrence order symbol, and rectifying the count of orders displayed in the orders panel. The update also fixed the display of funding borrow currency without margin balance in available balances, and the issue of the keyboard being dismissed on drag for the currency modal picker.

Feedback and Reviews

Bitfinex is encouraging its users to share their experience with the updated app by leaving a review in the app store or completing a user survey. Feedback from customers is highly valuable to the company, as it helps them continue to improve their services and offerings. Users can also share their feedback by joining Bitfinex’s Telegram channel and Discord community.

The latest version of the Bitfinex mobile app is now available for download from the Android Application Package (APK).

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