Cream Finance exploiter moves $3.3M ETH in January


Blockchain analytical firm Peckshield tweeted that the Cream Finance (CREAM) exploiter transferred 365.7 ETH — worth $600,000 — to an unknown centralized crypto exchange TradeOgre on Jan. 30.

The exploiter had transferred 2,070 Ethereum — roughly $3.3 million — to the same platform since Jan. 9, according to Etherscan data.

The exploiter was moving funds from a $119 million exploit in October 2021, according to another blockchain security firm, Certik. At the time, the attacker used multiple flash loans to raise the price of yUSD and borrowed more assets than the attacker collateralized on the decentralized finance application.

TradeOgre exchange

TradeOgre is a small crypto exchange with minimal know-your-customer policy and anti-money laundering compliance.

The exchange’s website shows that it focuses on privacy coins and there are no signs of an email address or a phone number for customer support. It’s Twitter account also appears deserted — last updated Nov. 28, 2022.

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