CULT DAO Prepares for Revolt 2 Earn (RVLT) Token Airdrop and Gains Anonymous Group Recognition


CULT DAO, one of the projects pushing for faster adoption of decentralized finance, revealed plans for a Revolt 2 Earn (RVLT) token, which earned the awareness of Anonymous. According to the group’s recent Twitter bio, the collective known for its hacktivist activity seems to appreciate the upcoming concept.

This alleged support does not come as a surprise. In March, Anonymous had already nodded at CULT DAO when the CULT token price surged far beyond expectations. Then, the famous group posted a well-known Charle Chaplin speech from the film, The Great Dictator. In what could be anything but a coincidence, the very same speech is a fundamental piece of the CULT DAO’s website

Anonymous appears to support Revolt 2 Earn, CULT DAO’s most recent concept, which is also the first token to surface in the project’s ecosystem. It is a proof-of-stake token that was built on the Polygon blockchain, and, while it’s not official yet, we should expect its release sometime in the next few months. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched for CULT DAO to anticipate it with an airdrop.

From the get-go, RVLT has a different purpose than that of the protocol’s CULT token. Revolt will involve a 0.4% taxation and support The Many, CULT DAO’s individual users in their actions that support decentralization.

Cult DAO founder Mr. O’Modulus spoke about the Revolt 2 Earn concept in a recent blog:

“Society is designed to make it as difficult as possible to break away from economic, societal, and social norms. So what if supporting the $CULT ecosystem could be in itself a full-time or part-time job?”

Following this train of thought, Mr. O’Modulus devised a self-governing, autonomous ecosystem aiming to reward users. For example, this concept will help The Guardians, CULT DAO users with large-scale contributions, and individual revolutionaries (The Many), who can use RVLT for staking. Additionally, The Many can gain RVLT rewards for their actions in favor of decentralization, including stickering, leafleting, shilling, or civil disobedience.

The protocol will pick 490 stakers and 10 consistent NFT owners randomly each week out of all the RVLT stakers (uRVLT owners). They will be responsible for approving or rejecting the other users’ submissions of actions that support the CULT decentralized revolution.

The CULTmanders will govern The Many, and they can comprise any RVLT holder who stakes for a mid-long period.

This unique system guarantees level and individual rewards and should help users free themselves from the centralized status quo. Above all, it empowers them to revolt by simply talking about CULT and the CULT Manifesto to other people.

What is CULT DAO?

CULT DAO is a blockchain-based project seeking to speed up decentralized finance adoption into the mainstream. In this regard, it supports other projects that work for the same goal. The CULT DAO believes that people have to “break away from societal, economic, and other norms.”

News about the RVLT token and the alleged support of Anonymous is a good omen for CULT DAO and its development. The project’s rapidly growing community is surely eager for the token’s upcoming release and potential airdrop.


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