Rate That Crypto (RTC) And MetisDAO (METIS) Looks to Make Headway


Altcoins refers to cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, i.e., Bitcoin alternatives. Of the over 20,000 altcoins listed on CoinMarketCap, investors have plenty of options for choosing suitable digital assets for their portfolio.


Metis is a layer-2 blockchain built for the Ethereum blockchain, focusing on growing decentralized communities (DAOs).

With blockchain technology came the promise of decentralization–DAO is the decentralized version of a company, an institution, or an organization without, say, a CEO, a chairman, or a president.

Through a DAO’s smart contract, all the rules of a community or an organization are laid out, and users can have a voice to vote or propose changes, which are all stored on the blockchain.

The DAO model can be used for more than just governance voting, but building out this framework would require lots of time and resources for a project to do. Therefore, Metis set out to build a new framework, a Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC).

The potential of METIS is boundless and limited only by the effort of its team and community. However, if Metis continues to execute its mission while successfully dealing with the challenges inherent to optimistic rollups, an investment into $METIS could prove profitable.

Rate That Crypto (RTC)

Rate That Crypto Is a new play, learn and earn game that seeks to bring fun, excitement, and education to millions of crypto users via an engaging platform available on iOS and Android. Players accumulate points by predicting bullish or bearish against their favorite crypto projects using live price data over a specified timeframe.

Players whose predictions are correct earn more points, while those with incorrect predictions lose their staked points. They compete in ranking up the leaderboard to earn the platform’s native token, RTC, and NFTs. The top 100 players in the leaderboard earn a percentage of the prize pool. 

Players earnings are distributed directly into players’ non-custodial wallets. In addition, users can also earn bonus points via referrals and ads, which facilitate the growth of the prize pool.

Aside from playing games, Rate That Crypto provides an excellent opportunity for users to learn how the crypto markets work in a fun and easy way and to prepare themselves for the live markets.

The company has other future features planned, including an analytics suite designed to give users an insightful edge into the market, badges, competition leagues, NFT gameplay, social profiles, and more!

Rate That Crypto is risk-free, as all the users are not required to buy points. Instead, new players are issued points and must watch a video ad to generate new points to continue playing the game when their points run out.

Rate That Crypto is a crypto project with possible opportunities for growth as it wants to revolutionize the P2E sector. 

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