Ripple CTO and Self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Re-engages in a Heating Argument that the SEC Lawsuit is Nonsensical


The XRP lawsuit has sparked a heated exchange between self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright and Ripple CTO David Schwartz. The UK Court of Appeal overturned a decision from the High Court, which will decide the legal obligations of blockchain developers to their users and whether access to stolen digital assets should be returned.

Wright’s Accusation and Schwartz Response

Wright recently accused Ripple of not following the law and lying about decentralization. He joked about Schwartz’s knowledge of the law but claimed that Schwartz knows that if Tulip Trading Limited wins the case, XRP will be gone and they will lie about it. He also compares Schwartz to Bernie Madoff.  Wright further accused Ripple of flaunting the rules, but Schwartz maintained that Wright’s argument has no conceivable justification.

In a response Schwartz viewed the lawsuit as nonsensical and claimed that Wright is trying to force people to run code. He also alleged that Wright is suing developers to build code but Wright argued that the lawsuit will force the developers to act within the law.

The exchange between Craig Wright and David Schwartz highlights the differing views on the outcome of the XRP lawsuit and the potential implications it may have on the future of blockchain and digital assets. The case is expected to determine the obligations of blockchain developers to their users and the return of access to stolen digital assets, which will have a significant impact on the industry.

The Bitter Battle

This is not the first time Schwartz and Wright have engaged in such a heating argument. They have previously had even a worse exchange of words. It is also notable that Wright is seen as quite a notorious character in the community. For instance he has even claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

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