5 Reasons Why Master Sha Is Set to Replicate the Success of 2021 With the New Upcoming NFT Drop


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NFTs are a revolutionary concept in terms of ownership of items, but the key quality of it is the fact that it helps build communities. Whether it’s a community of people with an interest in a certain game or a collection of art, NFTs bring people together.

That potential of communal cooperation is yet to be fully tapped into, but there are certain NFT collections that are showing how this can be done. One of the best examples of this is the collections released by Dr. and Master Sha, a revered Tao calligraphy artist and humanitarian.

Master Sha famously released an NFT collection last, built on the principles of spreading positive energy. This was an excellent example of how NFTs could be used for good, bringing people together to make the world a better place.

Now Master Sha is releasing a second NFT collection called the Greatest Love, and the excitement is ever higher. Here are 5 reasons why Master Sha can replicate the success of his 2021 collection – and perhaps even exceed it.

5 Reasons Why Master Sha Will Match the Success of 2021’s NFT Drop

The Greatest Love, the next collection of Master Sha, has many fascinating qualities, so it’s hard to pick only 5 reasons. However, the following are among the most compelling reasons why this NFT collection has the same impact as the 2021 collection.

1. The Collection Has a Narrower Focus

There will be a community gathering explaining the Greatest Love concept.

Master Sha’s previous NFT collection, Tao Ye Chang Sheng, was focused on holistic blessings, aimed at bringing peace and love through a digital medium. It was highly successful, and there are reports that even David Meltzer purchases one. Meltzer is a former CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, a Top 100 Business Coach, and a public speaker. 

However, the Greatest Love NFT collection goes one step further and has a very specific goal. It is based on the source-positive information field of Da Ai, also known as Great Love. It is an unconditional love that is considered the greatest kind of compassion. These calligraphy art pieces are filled with powerful frequencies that spread peace and love to the owner and to others. 

Like other Tao calligraphy, it carries the highest frequency and vibration, bringing individuals, healing, blessing, and transformation. Master Sha describes the NFTs as allowing holders to “experience this love in your heart and soul, healing within and empowered to give this unconditional healing love to others.”

This narrow focus shows that Master Sha has a very specific goal in mind when releasing these NFTs. He wants to help foster this unconditional love in the world. When users hold these NFTs, all they need to do is trace the artwork with five fingers every day. It will bring such benefits as unfailing health, creating financial prosperity, generating peace in the mind, and boosting productivity. 

2. 2021’s NFT Drop Brought the Spotlight onto Master Sha

As mentioned, Master Sha’s last collection was based on the “Tao Ye Chang Sheng.” It was the first NFT collection of its kind, bringing spirituality into the digital realm. Contrary to what one might think, it proved highly successful, with the 5,000 copies selling quickly and helping individuals attain peace and prosperity. Holders also received a video that showed how the artwork was created. The collection managed to raise over $10 million in sales.

After that collection was released to much success, many were eager to see what Master Sha would do next. As such, the excitement for Master Sha’s next collection was strong, and the Greatest Love collection is causing even more of a buzz.

3. Master Sha has Tremendous Influence

Master Sha is a Tao Grandmaster with decades of experience.

Master Sha’s experience and expertise are what sets him apart, and his CV speaks for itself. He is a Tao Grandmaster, medical doctor, humanitarian, teacher, and a best-selling author on numerous occasions. His charity has been recognized by major institutions, having received the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for promoting world peace. In 2020, he was named the Top Spiritual Innovator of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals.

Master Sha’s expertise in Tao calligraphy can actually be traced to the teacher of the last Chinese emperor and the royal family. His former master was Professor Li Qui Yin, who himself learned from Tai Si, the teacher of the Royal Family during the Qing Dynasty. 

4. The World is Looking for Positive Energy

There’s no mistake about it: the world isn’t in the best situation right now. War, climate change, economic chaos, and general pessimism about the future has left many wondering about the prospects of the planet. At a time like this, the world needs all the hope it can get.

That’s why the Greatest Love collection is so important. It focuses on spreading unconditional, altruistic love. People can come together and focus on spreading good for the sake of each other, as opposed to a more selfish kind of love.

5. The Artwork is Striking

The Greatest Love collection has value simply as art work.

Last, but not least, one can’t disregard the fact that NFTs from the Greatest Love are striking just as pure pieces of art. This is an ancient form of art and that value is clear in how the collection itself looks. The NFT holders can be proud of the fact that they have some authentic artwork of a very ancient art form.

The Greatest Love (Da Ai) NFT Collection Becomes Publicly Available Soon

Collectors can prepare for the Greatest Love NFT collection release, which is imminent. Those who already purchased an NFT from the Tao Ye Chang Sheng collection will have access to an early drop that will take place on December 13.

The public drop will take place on December 20 and if you haven’t put this on your calendar, it is worth doing now. Collectors will need a Crypto.com account to purchase these NFTs. If the last collection is anything to go by, these NFTs will also sell out quickly, so it’s worth being an early one for this sale.

The Greatest Love Will Help a Troubled World

The Greatest Love NFT collection has all the potential to be even more successful than its 2021 predecessor. It comes at the perfect time, as the world is experiencing tumultuous events that are throwing it into a fair bit of chaos. Whether financially or just for pure safety, individuals the world over fear for their future.

Master Sha is doing his bit to bring peace and love to the world, and this collection will go a long way in that process. Those who want to do the same can consider participating in the public NFT drop when it happens on December 20.

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