All-in-one DeFi protocol, Hyperdex Mainnet Launch Goes Live!


Manfredi Magris, Hyperdex Co-Founder, believes the trio of innovations will ease the complexity of the DeFi ecosystem to “give users exposure to sophisticated products that were once the preserve of pros”. 

“Our Race Trading cube, for example, contains a simplified derivatives contract that makes it easy for anyone to experience the rewards of decentralized finance, all boosted by the HYP token,” Magris added. 

Hyperdex was founded in 2021 aiming to provide users with an all-inclusive and easy-to-use DeFi platform. The platform allows anyone interested in DeFi to easily invest with the click of a button and to create and deploy their own automatic trading strategy for other users to utilize. 

The ‘cubes’ will provide a teaser of the vast line of investment strategies the platform wishes to add in the future further enhancing the user experience on the DEX. The ‘Fixed Income’ cube provides a low-risk strategy that enables investors to earn a fixed return over a specific time period. The ‘Algo Trading’ cube is a low to moderate risk strategy whereby investors may earn a variable return over a specific time period. Finally, the ‘Race Trading’ cube is a high-risk investment strategy that enables investors to take a derivative-like position based on the future price of an asset.

The ‘Race Trading’ cube is the platform’s flagship product, whereby the Hyperdex platform removes the complexity of derivatives trading to give every trader, pro or not, an opportunity to invest. From the end user’s perspective, the only action necessary is to select the Race Trading cube, deposit the quoted asset and wait. The platform also employs risk protection to minimize the number of liquidations on the platform. 

Furthermore, users can boost their returns and enhance their trading experience on Hyperdex using the native $HYP token. The $HYP token is set to be launched and issued via an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) in the coming days once the mainnet is successfully launched. This will give users an opportunity for extra rewards and offer incentives for traders with automated trading strategies. 

Finally, the development team on Hyperdex also targets to add more features in the coming months including the introduction of more sophisticated ‘Hypercubes’, that boost the investors’ returns two-fold and the launch of a P2P loan exchange.


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