New Crypto ‘NFTEEZ COIN’ Blasts Off, and new leading NFT Marketplace alpha test stage opens


NFTEEZ 6% BUSD REWARDS BSC CRYPTO COIN – ‘NFTEEZ COIN’ Address: 0x57Aa038172d711552834fcA3eC6f14b0f03766b0 NFT Marketplace Logo NFT Marketplace Logo

New ‘NFTEEZ’ Crypto Rewards Coin Blasts Off and branded NFT Marketplace Launches and Now Trading Live under new Symbol: ‘NFTEEZ’


NFTEEZ is the new global super platform for NFT’s”

— NFTEEZ Dev’s

SHERIDAN, WY, UNITED STATES, January 7, 2022 / — ‘NFTEEZ’, The phonetic equivalent of NFT’s, and premier new NFT brand in the entire NFT’s universe officially blasts off and is launching its alpha test stage website and BUSD rewards crypto coin at

Trading under symbol: NFTEEZ COIN (CRYPTO: NFTEEZ) the new NFTEEZ Coin 6% BUSD Rewards BSC Token is the new global feature crypto token and brand for the new meta world and future of NFT’s, aka ‘NFTEEZ’.

From traditional pixel-art or 2d/3d NFT’s like Punks or Apes, to the future of special NFT collectibles with special rewards, utilities, audio/video, gaming, or extra limited digital asset rights and royalties, the new platform is in development to be the major new standard for cutting edge NFT’s and passionate NFT projects.

Some of the new NFTEEZ feature VIP NFT collections in development include, 1., the god of all NFT’s 2., the NFT Unicorn of the Sea, and 3. – which mean ‘I Love You in Dinosaur NFTs’, 4. – the Fine NFT Art Judge, are all in development and coming soon at and with major NFT partners. is the premier new multi-chain NFT Marketplace and NFTEEZ COIN 6% BUSD rewards token and farming and staking platform that is building the biggest and most powerful NFT brand and community in the entire NFT universe.

Get some NFTEEZ Coin 6% BUSD Rewards Tokens and get on the ‘NFTEEZ BUS’ and be a part of the new NFTEEZ defi community and NFT revolution.

The Official new ‘NFTEEZ Coin’ BSC-Binance Smart Chain Address is: 0x57Aa038172d711552834fcA3eC6f14b0f03766b0

The NFTEEZ Coin has officially launched and is now trading under symbol: NFTEEZ Coin (CRYPTO: NFTEEZ).

NFTEEZ is the leading new NFT development and farm marketplace along with premier new NFTEEZ Crypto Rewards Coin at – Join the new NFTEEZ Revolution and get on the NFTEEZ BUS today.

Visit the News and Crypto Information Portal for more information about leading NFTEEZ Crypto Coin and alpha test stage NFTEEZ Marketplace and NFT Platform. / is the new multi-chain NFT defi marketplace and multi-stake NFTEEZ COIN 6% BUSD rewards token & farming platform.

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